Lloyds TSB Private Banking Ltd, Private Banking Csc, Haywards Heath

SORT Code:307684

Branch:Private Banking Csc

City:Haywards Heath


SORT Codes for other Branches ofLloyds Tsb Private Banking Ltd In "Haywards Heath"

The SORT Code ofLloyds TSB Private Banking Ltd is a six digit code used for online fund transfers. The code is used by Irish and British banking industry to transfer money between banks within these countries. For money transfers across international borders, an international network is used. However, the sort codes in both these countries have the same format, they are regulated by different authorities as both the countries have its own banking system.


307684 the SORT Code ofLloyds TSB Private Banking Ltd ,Haywards Heath,

  • The first two numbers, i.e.30 depicts the bank branch.
  • The remaining four characters, i.e.7684 are used for internal use.