First Nations Bank of Canada, Whitehorse

Routing Number:031099010

Address:Unit 103 9016 Quartz Road




Routing Numbers for other Branches ofFirst Nations Bank Of Canada In "Whitehorse"

The Routing Number forFirst Nations Bank of Canada is a 9 digit number that helps to identify the specific financial organization for monetary transfers.

Routing Number is present on the extreme left of the magnetic-ink strip on the bottom of all checks. This magnetic strip is a machine readable strip which is used to identify your bank by ATMs and during other electronic transactions. It is used for domestic transfer, to make money transfers along with bank account number of the recipient. However, to make an international inward monetary transfer, you require SWIFT code along with the Routing Number and Account Number.


031099010 Routing Number ofFirst Nations Bank of Canada,Whitehorse,

  • The first two digits, i.e.03 depictsFirst Nations Bank of Canada.
  • The next two digits, i.e.10 depicts Federal Reserve Bank districtWhitehorse.
  • The next four digits, i.e.9901 depicts the Financial Institution where the checking account is held.
  • The last i.e.0 digit depicts the single check digit.