TEB SHA, Fushe Kosova, Pristina


Branch:Fushe Kosova



SWIFT Codes for other Branches ofTeb Sha In "Pristina"

Swift Code forTEB SHA Pristina

Swift Codes forTEB SHA , is a unique code of 11 characters. This code is used to transfer money fromTEB SHA to any other bank and vice-versa. The Swift Code is also used to exchange messages between two banks.

The registration of SWIFT Codes is managed by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.


TEBKXKPR014 - the SWIFT code ofTEB SHA ,Pristina

  • The first four charters, i.e. TEBK depict bank code ofTEB SHA .
  • The fifth and the sixth character, i.e. XK depicts the country code of theKosovo.
  • The next two characters, i.e. PR represent thePristina.
  • The remaining characters, i.e. 014 depicts the primary office atFushe Kosova.