VIJAYA BANK, V N Marg Allhabad, Allahabad

IFSC Code:VIJB0007102

Address:V N Marg Allhabad,p B No 112,kundan Complex,allahabad,uttar Pradesh

Branch:V N Marg Allhabad




State:Uttar Pradesh


IFSC Codes for other Branches of Vijaya Bank In "Allahabad"

IFSC Code for VIJAYA BANKUttar Pradesh

IFSC Code for VIJAYA BANK ofUttar Pradesh can be used in the National Electronics Fund Transfer (NEFT) and Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) finance transfer system. The IFSC code of VIJAYA BANK ofUttar Pradesh,Allahabad is given by RBI. IFSC code identifies VIJAYA BANK branches which participate in online fund transfers. It has a unique code for each branch in the state ofUttar Pradesh.


VIJB0007102 the code of VIJAYA BANK,Allahabad,Uttar Pradesh:

  • The first four characters, i.e. VIJB represent the bank name.
  • The 5th character is by default zero
  • The remaining six characters, i.e. 007102 is the branch code ofAllahabad.