National Australia Bank, Albury Bbc2

BSB Number:082-645

Branch:Albury Bbc2



BSB Numbers for other Branches ofNational Australia Bank In "Albury"

The BSB code ofNational Australia Bank is a 6 digit numerical code. For domestic use the code is normally used in association with the account numbers in the bank. The international transfers are done with a SWIFT and BSB identifier, along with the bank account number. Transaction through paper cheque, financial organizations are required to add BSB and bank account numbers on cheques.


082-645 The BSB Number forNational Australia Bank,Albury,

  • The first two characters, i.e.08 depicts the bank nameNational Australia Bank
  • The third character, i.e.2 indicates the location Casusarina
  • The remaining three characters, i.e.645 depicts the bank branch.