Find MICR Codes By Bank or City Name


The Magnetic Ink Character Recognition code is a 9 digit unique number which appears on the bottom of the cheque, followed by the cheque number.


The MICR line at the bottom of cheques and other vouchers includes the document-type indicator; bank account number, bank code, cheque number, cheque amount, and a control indicator. This unique technology allows MICR readers to scan and read the information directly into a data-collection device.


The MICR Code comprises of 9 Characters. For example, 600001067

  • Initial 3 characters depict the city, which is obtained from first three characters of Postal Index Number (600)
  • The next three characters depict bank (001)
  • The remaining characters depict the branch identity (067)

How MICR Code is Generated?

MICR code is used by RBI (Reserve bank Of India) to identify the branch and bank for clearing processes. It is also used as a security bar code to safeguard transactions and speed up the clearing process.

How does MICR speed up the processing of the cheque?

The MICR code on the cheque is made up of a unique magnetic ink i.e. iron oxide. This magnetic ink is machine readable that erases any chances of errors.

The method the cheque sorting machine reads through the cheque to identify the branch to which the cheque belongs and performs other activities of the automation clearing process.

As per the Reserve Bank of India Payments in India: Vision 2009-2012), all bank branches will be authorized with MICR codes.